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Magnolia Hutch has been bought and paid for since February. Originally, we were told end March.

I wanted by Easter but all they could get me was the table and 4 chairs. The other 2 chairs I had to wait another month for. So, 2 more occasions went by without my hutch. It's now into the summer and the last date I was given was end June.

Also, some excuse about Harvey deliveries (Harvey was 10 months ago!) Anyway, it's end June and nothing. So, today I'll contact them, again!! I've contacted Star 3 X and have been put off by Tammy Taylor, my sales rep, each time. It's getting very old and today I'll be contacting several people about it.

If you can't deliver, don't sell it! I'm pretty sure Chip & Joanna would not like it, either!

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