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I have to say that the purchasing of the couch was great, the sales person was nice and didn’t feel pushy at all. We even bought the 5 year accident warranty because we bought two leather couches and you never know.

So after spending $4,000 on couches, we left happy. Delivery was fine, no complaints. But less than a year later, the zipper on one of the cushions busted open. So we called for repair.

The repair man was great, but he couldn’t fix it, said he needed a part. It would be THREE MONTHS. Well, that seems excessive, but okay. So about three months later they come and take away our couch.

Ten days later it is returned, still broken. They didn’t have the part. Okay, so how long? THREE MONTHS.

And in the mean time we get a letter saying that we are now past our one year warranty and will have to pay for repairs done from this point on. I call and say nope, this has been going on for months and they concede that they will fix the couch for free after all. So three months go by and they come and get the couch again. They bring it back, fixed cushion, but deep, fingernail like gouges in the leather on the side of the couch and the leather is scraped off on the edges of the arm on one side.

I am like, seriously. So we don’t accept it and we call customer service and they offer to use our accidental warranty to replace the couch, but then the warranty on the parts of the new couch will be less because it all goes back to original purchase date. So, they want to use the warranty I purchased for any accident I may have to fix the damage they did to my couch and I have to eat the warranty time....nope. So I said, okay, try to fix it.

So it’s gone another week and it’s returned looking like they painted over the damage with some brown stain. And other areas they didn’t even try to fix. I just accepted it to be done with this.

I guess if you don’t plan on ever having to use your warranty, you could shop here, but don’t plan on getting any customer service beyond the day you purchase the furniture. Buyer Beware.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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