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We were one of the many folks in Houston that lost all of our furniture to the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. With that said we expected some delays in getting furniture, however what we experienced from beginning to end was completely UNACCEPTABLE and quite unbelievable!

Here is a timeline of Our Star Furniture experience:

1. 3 items missing from our original order, a queen size bedframe, a nightstand and a dresser. The sales person called us about the Queen size bedframe, which caused us to audit the order ourselves after hanging up. We found that 2 additional items were missing. We visited the store to rectify the problem the next day.

2. I visited the Webster store and paid in full for our order on 10/27/2017 and set delivery with Customer service for 11/3/2017, as my sales rep was on vacation.

3. Get a call from my sales rep a few days later asking when we would like our furniture delivered. I stated we already had a delivery date set for 11/3/2017. She says, she has no record of that and I need to select a new date quickly before they are all booked. I had no bed to sleep on and had been bunking on a glorified cot for months. I am disabled, so getting the bed was crucial for me! Even 3 more days more means eating a ton of physical pain.......... We scheduled a new delivery date for 11/06/2017.

4. 11/6/2017 - Delivery Day arrives........ it was a partial delivery, as a large portion of our furniture was on back order. The delivery guys were great, but unfortunately our sales person had ordered the wrong size bed rails for our king size bed. For some reason she ordered the california king rails. So, the thing I needed the most to be correct was wrong. The delivery guys took pity on me and my old broken body and flipped the california king rails to temporarily work until they could get the right rails to us. Also, one of the piers on the entertainment center was busted and the handles for the doors were missing. Our delivery guys talked to customer service and reported the damage and missing handles as well as reporting that they needed to send out king size bed rails instead of california king bed rails. So, another date was scheduled for 11/14/2017 to replace the damaged pier and bring the correct bed rails.

5. 11/14/2017 - 2nd Repair and replace delivery - once again California king bed rails were brought out, UGGHHH! They installed the new undamaged pier on the entertainment center, however customer service had no record of the missing barn door handles! i heard our first delivery person tell customer service about the handles and she confirmed that she had documented the issue, so customer service dropped the ball once again! Ok, so now customer service says they will need to order the regular king size rails we need as they do not have them in stock.

6. On 11/30/2017, I recieve a letter from Star Furniture Customer service about the handles for our entertainment center. The letter states that an order has been placed with the manufacturer and that we should expect to receive the part approximately 90 days after the receipt of this letter. Where are they coming from that it takes 90 days to get them?

7. 12/27/2017 - 44 days later - the rest of my bedroom furniture was to be delivered including the correct bed rails. Nope, once again they bring California king bed rails, REALLY!!! At this point I cannot understand why they are not able to send out the correct bed rails. Mind you, our legs are all bruised up at this point from constantly running into the extra long bed frame. Customer service finally says that the change needs to happen at the store level and that I needed to call my sales person to get it changed, wow really, you guys can’t talk to each other and get this straightened out? I call my sales rep and beg her to get this fixed ASAP, as the sofa was being delivered the next day and the regular king size bed rails need to be on that truck.

8. 12/28/2017 - Here comes the sofa and hopefully the correct bed rails (4th time is the charm?). Well, finally we get the correct regular king size bed rails for the bed. The delivery guys whisked away those wretched California king bed rails, which made me very happy! Sofa was delivered as well, unfortunately the recliner is electric.......... it was meant for my spouse, since I am unable to sit in a recliner. The delivery guys zipped in and zipped out. My spouse came home and sat in the recliner, it did not work........... I am disabled, so it is extremely difficult for me to get on the floor and wire this thing correctly, but some how I did, not easily, but I did!

9. 2/19/2018 - Well it has been over 90 days since I received the letter from Star stating I should have received the handles for the Parker entertainment center barn doors. They are not here, so I placed a call to customer service once again. A very nice young lady helped me by calling the manufacturer and 4 days later The handles arrived, without screws, but they arrived. My question is why could this not have happened to begin with? If it only took one phone call to make it happen in 4 days? Seems it took longer to type up the letter than it did for this young lady to handle the problem. Funny thing is that letter sat in their office for 2 weeks before it was actually sent to me Talk about poor business practices!

10. 3/10/2018 - Started receiving a $186.33 bill from Star Furniture Collections.......... Huh, I am confused, since we paid in full on 10/27/2017. Turns out it is for those wretched California king bed rails that the delivery guys took back with them on 12/28/2017. I called collections and left numerous messages, with no reply for weeks. I finally drove to the Webster store and had customer service look into the issue. For some reason the incorrect rails were never released/credited back to the warehouse. The customer service rep fixed the problem and credited my account, then gave me a receipt showing that I owed them nothing. She said give it a few weeks to filter down to the collections department, that was on 3/23/2018.

11. 4/28/2018 - Guess what I got in the mail today???? Yet another notice from the Star Furniture Collections department. Apparently, the credited information never got to them. So, I left yet another message, which I am sure will go unanswered.Star furnitures biggest problem is a lack of communication between each of their departments and not really caring about their customer’s once they get their money!

Star Furniture can’t seem to solve this problem on their own, so I will find someone who can help them close the matter. I will start with filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau. It was bad enough being victimized by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters. Now we are being victimized by Star Furniture as well! Truly disappointing that you push your customer’s to this point.

All I want is Star Furniture out of my life! I promise once this is over they will NEVER hear from me again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Signature Design By Ashley Willowtown Bed.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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